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South Korea in a Challenging Maritime Security Environment

Watch video of this online discussion with Terence Roehrig, Jean Lee, and Seokwoo Lee.

Few nations confront a more complex security environment than the Republic of Korea. South Korea’s security challenges come into sharp relief in its maritime periphery, particularly in the Yellow Sea/West Sea. In these choppy waters, exclusive economic zone and fishery disputes with China, and a boundary disagreement with North Korea, have led to consistent friction, and at times, outright hostility.


Welcome and Introduction
Alison Szalwinski, Vice President, National Bureau of Asian Research

South Korea and the Challenges of a Maritime Nation
Terence Roehrig, Professor of National Security Affairs and the Director of the Asia-Pacific Studies Group, U.S. Naval War College

North Korea and the Northern Limit Line
Jean Lee, Director, Hyundai Motor-Korea Foundation Center for Korean History and Public Policy, Wilson Center; Former Pyongyang Bureau Chief, Associated Press

Exclusive Economic Zones, China, and the Fishing Issue
Seokwoo Lee, Professor of International Law, Inha University Law School

Bnner image: Choi Jae-Ho/AFP via Getty Images